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Hello, I’m Jeff Maple, owner of

I started working with high school football in Cincinnati about 20 years ago, when a local high school needing someone to chart their Varsity football games using a software named ‘Statcrew’.  I met with the school; they gave me a copy of Statcrew and said ‘Game is tonight at 7:30 – good luck’. (PS – Statcrew is not easy to learn without someone training you.)

After working for the school several years, I relocated to South Carolina and started working for Lexington HS in 2010 – the local media loved that I could give them game stats right after the game.  Since I could also do programming with computers, I started putting the Lexington game stats on the internet in 2011 with

In the 2014 season I started, covering all of South Carolina 4A football, and also started doing live stats for the North-South allstar game in Myrtle Beach.  In 2016, when the SCHSL expanded to 5 classes, I expanded the website to cover the entire state. 2019 I expanded to cover the SCISA. 2020 was a lost year for everyone, including this website. 2021 the website was restarted, hopefully for many years to come.

My goal is to have the best organized website for SC high school football, making it easy for anyone to get the schedules, scores, records, and standings anytime they want.  Please contact me anytime at with questions, comments, suggestions, and especially corrections so that is the best high school football website available.

Jeff Maple